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Welcome to DSC Volunteer Roster System. The 2020 season is upon us and we are super happy to have you on board.

To volunteer:

1.  Check out the calendar to sign up for a race day! 
2.  Click on an event to find out which roles need filling
3.  Register to help. Register by clicking at the top right of the screen. Note: the volunteer coordinator may contact you to get information about your interests and accreditations.
4.  Please enter any preferred roles in the notes section when registering.
NOTE: Your name will not appear on the roster until allocated to a role by the Race Officer, generally weekly.

Being part of the race day team means opportunities to practice what you have learned in the training sessions.
Go to for more resources for volunteers.
We want you to feel free to try new things and also make mistakes.
If someone on your team makes a mistake please don’t make them feel uncomfortable,
Take whatever steps are necessary to stop the process you were in and start again
Feel free to have a calm discussion after the racing is going and see how you can improve things AS A TEAM   
Take a look around you… these people are your team members, and they are all doing their best.  Let’s help each other to put on good racing for the sailors and we will all have fun. 

You will receive a reminder email one week and again two days prior to the day you are rostered.

If you require help contact Kelly at or 08 8981 1700