Tasar Regatta Race Days 4 - 5


Briefing:12:00pm - Tuesday 24th Jul 2018
Finish:6:00pm - Wednesday 25th Jul 2018

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Start Boat

Position Volunteer
Race Officer Ed Vincent
Timekeeper Andrea Douglass
Recorder Fred Barlow
Signals Amanda West
Assistant RO Unassigned

Pin Boat (Martin)

Position Volunteer
Assistant RO John Punch
Skipper Bill Jelley
Scribe Libby Benson

Mark Boat

Position Volunteer
Mark Boat Skipper Fergal McGarth
Mark Boat Crew Danny McManus
ARO Steve Schortz

Judge Boat 2 (OYNT)

Position Volunteer
Judge 1 Unassigned
Judge 4 Gary Martin

Judges Boat (Rayment)

Position Volunteer
Judge 1 Phil Mostyn
Judge 2 Selvam Mookken
Judge 3 Murray Jones

Safety Boat (J-RHIB)

Position Volunteer
Safety Boat Skipper Nicholas McGrath
Safety Boat Crew Peter Gordon Hallsworth

Shore Roles

Position Volunteer
Shore patrol Peter Blanchard
Results Unassigned
Technical Committee John Simondson